How to Travel to a Merry Christmas

It is Christmas holiday time.  Time to get away, put work on hold, relax, sit by the pool or catch up with family.  Sounds great, right?  Yet chances are everyone is thinking the same as you and this means crowds at the airport and on the road.  But it doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Whether you travel by air, road, sea or rail, these travel principles will help you chill out during your holiday commute this Christmas season. Continue reading

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Home is Not a Place But a Feeling

What is home?  It is where you feel the most connected with.  It need not be the place where you were born.  Home is where you feel the greatest spiritual connection.  It is the place where you are the most happy and free.  While my physical home may be in Adelaide, the more I travelled the more I have come to realise that home is not a place but it is a feeling.  Continue reading

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Travel Escorted or Solo?

When travelling is it best to go it alone or take a tour?  Of course this will depend on your personal choice and what you want from the experience.  I have done both over the last decade (or two) and discovered that there are advantages and disadvantages to both.  Continue reading

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Australia Plains

It has to be a sin for an Australian never to have been to Australia Plains.  Okay, so there is not a lot out there, but after the rains during winter rural Australia is beautiful. Continue reading

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Photo of the Month: A Wild and Rugged Admiral

A trip to Kangaroo Island is not complete without a visit to the south-western most point of the island. Here you will find an impressive natural rock formation called Admiral’s Arch.   Continue reading

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Haunting Port Arthur

It was the middle of summer, heat radiated off the black asphalt road.  Yet a chill hung in the air as I stood in front of the most haunted house in Australia.  From the outside the Parsonage house looked like any other on Colonial Row.  In front is open, green parkland with great views of the prison hospital.  Continue reading

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Photo of the Month: Hawaii’s Giant Turtles

This month’s photo was taken a few years ago on my holiday in Hawaii.  While walking along Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii I stopped to watch this beautiful sea turtle take up prime position on the pebbly surface for a rest. Continue reading

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Seal of Approval

A mini break to Kangaroo Island is more than a holiday.  It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature.  There is limited network and phone access on the island’s west side but you hardly even notice. My mini break to Kangaroo Island last weekend was a chance to detox from the digital world. Continue reading

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Barbie’s First Paris Trip

It’s no surprise that Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world.  Paris is  famous for its food, wine and of course fashion.  But it took until early 2016 for the most fashionable icon in the world to make a visit to the City of Light…….. Continue reading

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Photo of the Month: Garden Art

The quirky and unusual always make for interesting travel tales.  This photo was taken during a rest stop on a tour across Canada.  It was across the road from a McDonald’s of all places.  I loved how creative the gardeners were, not to mention patient – as they shaped bushes into statues of people.  And yes, that is an actual jacket the bush is wearing. Continue reading

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