Magical Machu Picchu

A trip to Peru is not complete without a visit to Machu Picchu. There is no better feeling than to sit up on the agricultural steps and look down at this ancient Incan city.

Take the half hour bus ride from Aguas Calientas , a town built specifically for tourism. You can also buy your ticket at the same time you purchase the bus ticket. However, be warned, get there early as the line for the buses literally winds ups the street.

Once inside Machu Picchu there are a few rules to be mindful of.  Due to a few unfortunate tragic incidents resulting in tourist deaths, the following activities are not allowed.

  • No jumping selfies
  • Do not sit on the walls
  • No naked photos
  • No desiccating the rules ( yes tourists have been urinating on the walls)

The Peruvian authorities are on hand to ensure everyone remains safe during their visit.

As you tour the ruins you will be in awe of how the Inca people lived many centuries ago.  It does get crowded which makes it difficult to enjoy a walk through the main city ruins. But if you tune out the noise around you and focus on the Inca people, you can feel their spirit around you.

However, soon it will be more expensive to visit the Machu Picchu ruins. The Peruvian Government is planning for a cable car to be erected over the site in the next couple of years. Soon this will be the only way to view the sacred site. If you want to walk the ruins, there will be an additional cost.

So right now enjoy the privilege of the ruins from the ground surrounded by the energy and spirit of the ancient Inca people.

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Captivating Cuzco

This week I am in Peru. More precisely, Cuzco, the centre of the Incan world.  The city is rich in history and Peruvian culture. You will get the most out of youtr stay by getting out and immersing yourself with the locals. Even if you only have a basic level of Spanish, you will get by. 

In central Cuzco, the historic centre.  It is quite easy to walk around. But take it slow, especially if you have just arrived or are not used to high altitudes.

A good place to start is at Plaza del Armas, the main square. Here you will find the Cuzco cathedral, a beautiful building not only on the exterior but also inside. There is a small admission fee, but it is worth while as you may catch a service in progress.

Relax on one of the many benches on the plaza and take a break amongst the locals.  It is popular for the parents to bring their children. Don’t worry about the dogs who roam freely, they won’t hurt you and are quite friendly.

There are a variety of shops around the plaza to satisfy your shopping habit. From Peruvian handcrafts to tens made from Alpaca wool. 

Once you have finished browsing the stores and tasted some of the culinary delights from the many cafes, continue along until you come to Plaza San Francisco.  This plaza is also a meeting point for locals. You will also find the San Francisco church here, again it’s facade is great to admire from the outside before venturing inside.

Cuzco is quite safe to get around on your own. But for those who want the security of a group, there are many day tours which can be booked through your hotel reception.

Plaza del Armas

Cuzco Cathedral

San Francisco church

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Photo of the Month: Time

I came across this clock on a daytrip to Laura, a small town in regional South Australia. Although  I am not a regular church-goer, I still believe there is a higher being to watch and guide us through life. In what form that higher being takes will be different for everyone. Continue reading

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Coffee and Cats in Melbourne

Don’t have a pet of your own? Maybe your living arrangements don’t allow for pets.  Step into the Cat Cafe in Melbourne and meet your new four-legged furry feline companion. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee (or tea) while you enjoy the company of a furry friend. Continue reading

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Spiritual Bali

Perhaps one of the most famous places for watching the sunset in Bal, but Tanah Lot holds a deeper meaning to the Balinese. It plays an important role in Balinese spiritual and mythical life. Continue reading

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Europe in Australia

You don’t have to leave Australia to taste the flavours of Europe.  Take a walk along the South Bank in Brisbane where you are literally spoiled for choice of restaurants and cafes. Continue reading

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Wild Irish Beauty

There is nothing more powerful than standing at the top of a cliff with the wild sea below you.  The rugged coastline stretches before you to reveal the wild Cliffs of Moher on the Irish coast. The cold, brisk winds whips around you but it is hardly noticeable as the sound of waves crashing onto the rocks below captivates your attention. Continue reading

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Where to Find the Best Calamari in Hobart?

Seafood has always been my favourite dish for as long as I can remember.  For those that know me know that I will always go for the calamari dish if it is on the menu.  So on my trip to Hobart on the Australia Day weekend it was no surprise that I would search the city for the best seafood dish in the city. Continue reading

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Harbourside in Hobart

Hobart is the harbour city of Tasmania that sits on the estuary of the Derwent River and the finish line for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.  Flanked against the mountainside backdrop of Mount Wellington, at 1270 metres, Hobart is a city of colourful history and culture.  The harbour district starts at fashionable Salamanca Place where you will find the arts district, pubs, cafes, sandstone warehouses and of course the popular Salamanca Market every Saturday. Continue reading

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Movie Inspired Travel

Ideas can come from anywhere even the movies.  We see a city highlighted in one of our favourite movies and feel it drawing us to explore more.  This is one method I use when choosing my next destination. Movies I feel are inspirational or I can connect with the characters’ thoughts and ambitions. Continue reading

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