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The Golden Rules of Reclining

There is little room in the economy section of an airplane as it is. When the person in front of you flings their seat back, there is even less.  It can be annoying and an inconvenience. 

Reclining the seats on an airplane has also been a highly debatable topic. So here are five golden rules I have collated to asssist you when your fellow passengers feel the need to recline.

  • Do not recline during the meal service or when refreshments are being served.  Hot drinks and meals are a safety hazard to reclining seats.
  • Do not recline unless you ask the person behind you if it is okay.  Manners go a long way and you are more likely to be greeted with a favourable response.
  • If your flight is five hours or less, do not even think about it. We can all sit upright for such a short period of time. I have just taken a flight from Cuzco to Lima which is only just over an hour and the person in front of me reclined.
  • Recline slowly and be mindful of what the person behind you is doing.  Do they have a hot drink or laptop on their tray table. Is the person holding a baby on their lap behind you. 
  • Finally, only recline as far as you actually need to. You really do not need all the space of a full recline.
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Strategise your Hike

Earlier this month I completed the Lares Trek in Peru. A challenging trek which took me to 4,800 metres above sea level.  The Lares Trek is higher than than the famous Inca Trail and more challenging.

However, trekking in the Andean mountains is not the same as a hike back home. For one thing, the air is thinner at that height. Unless you have lived above 4000 metres at some stage, for several years, you may feel some side affects of altitude sickness.

So when you embark on any of the treks in Peru be sure to take your time. When your guide says “take it at your own pace”, do exactly that.  Everyone reacts differently to a multi day hike. 

You do not have to race to keep up with the leaders. The only person you have to compete with is yourself. So the goals you set are the only ones which matter. Your goal may be to simply complete the trek. This is fine and quite easy to set your own personal strategies against.

For me, completing the Lares Trek was what I had come to Peru to achieve. I was not interested in competing with anyone but myself. I knew I would not be the fastest in the group and I was fine with that.

So I set myself the following strategies for completing each leg of the trek.

  • Take it slow
  • One step at a time
  • Take 50 steps and rest
  • Increase to to 100 steps if I felt okay
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Keep positive.

This strategy kept me positive to complete the trek. It was easy to measure my success with stepped out goals which I could see. 

And I did complete the trek successfully. 

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Language of Travel

Do you need to learn the language of the country you want to visit? This, of course, depends on the experience you want to seek from your travels.  Continue reading

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Four Summer Travel Reads

Whether you are travelling locally or abroad this summer, you cannot go passed a good book to get through the long commutes. Long-haul flights, airport delays, bus trips etc, are made tolerable if you have a good book tucked away in your bag.  There were a stack of great new books released recently covering all tastes and interests.  But if you are stuck for choice, here are four books I have chosen to accompany me on my summer journey. Continue reading

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How to Make Your New Year Resolutions Count

When the clock strikes midnight on 31 December the New Year resolutions are not that far behind.  However, it is easy to get caught up in fireworks and parties that mark the start of a new year and fall back onto the same resolutions you made last year.  If you have not really thought through your resolutions then it will be hard to maintain committment. Continue reading

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How to Travel to a Merry Christmas

It is Christmas holiday time.  Time to get away, put work on hold, relax, sit by the pool or catch up with family.  Sounds great, right?  Yet chances are everyone is thinking the same as you and this means crowds at the airport and on the road.  But it doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Whether you travel by air, road, sea or rail, these travel principles will help you chill out during your holiday commute this Christmas season. Continue reading

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Travel: Escorted or Solo?

When travelling is it best to go it alone or take a tour?  Of course this will depend on your personal choice and what you want from the experience.  I have done both over the last decade (or two) and discovered that there are advantages and disadvantages to both.  Continue reading

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Airplane Eitquette

The plane lifts off the tarmac and launches up to begin its journey.  Everyone is secured in their seats, trays up, seat belt fastened, seats in the upright position.  All is in perfect symmetry.  That is until the plane levels off and the seat in front starts to come towards you. Continue reading

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Italian Train Travel

Why is rail the best way to travel through Europe?  Not only are the views amazing, but it is easy and convenient to do.  In August I travelled Italy the whole time by train.  Starting from Milan in the north, I took the train down through the stunning Cinque Terre.  My rail journey ended in Rome. Continue reading

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Five Travel Skills To Build Success

Did you know that the skills you use to travel can help you become a success in your working life too?  Everyone defines success differently and to achieve it depends on the confidence we have in beating the fears that prevent us getting there. As travellers we face our fears on every trip and return home more confident each time. The five skills travellers can adapt back home are: Continue reading

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